Thank someone for listening

A special audio message for you!

Hello everyone,

I’m Marva Shand-McIntosh, the founder of I Love to Listen Day, May 16th. For 14 years we have been celebrating listening with people all over the world.

Listening is a valuable gift and we often miss the opportunity to say “thank you” for that gift. 

This year we have the privilege to say a special thank-you to someone-anyone who has listened and made us feel understood.


Let’s do it!

    1. Think of a person who has listened to you and made you feel heard and understood.
    2. Write a short letter, note or even create a piece of art work that says, “Thank you for listening.” Don’t email the statement.
    3. Make contact with that someone by phone or in person
    4. Read the thank-you note or present that art work.
    5. Give this statement or art as a keep sake with the date, Thursday May 16, 2019.


Action Plan - Share your experience with us because we want to hear from you and it will motivate others as well.

So take a picture or video of the note/art and the presentation event and send it to:

Facebook- I Love To Listen

Twitter- @listenmay16

Instagram - ilovetolisten1

Email -

We are looking forward to hearing your amazing listening story.

Here is a thank you card from our side that you can send too instead! Click on the picture to DOWNLOAD!



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