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Kinds words from around world

Stories of I Love to Listen Day participation from around the world

We gathered to take a photograph to commemorate the celebration of the first “I Love To Listen Day on May 16, 2006. Participants came from countries all over the world – Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Peru, Canada, and Brazil. We also distributed I Love To Listen buttons to everyone.
Dr. S Lam-Phoon, Director, Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Republic of Korea

“Thank you Marva for all that you are doing to help “Advance Listening Around the World.”

Dr. Lynman K. (Manny) Steil, CEO of International Listening Leadership Institute.

I’ve sent the listening day information to Holland, Suriname, Guyana, South Africa, St. Maarten, and to other friends around the world and in the USA.

Monkou from Maryland

We did celebrate “I Love to Listen Day” in my class at Florida Gulf Coast University 

Dr. Maria Roca, President, International Listening Association

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