Listening Sabbath



Start a family tradition of “Listening Time.”

Memorize texts, proverbs, or sayings on listening.

Compliment someone’s attentive listening habits.

Develop your personal listening plan.

Commit to improving your listening skills.

Write a poem, song or letter about listening.

Reflect on your listening attitude towards people who belong to different cultures.

Make a list of your positive listening habits.

Be a listening role model.

Give “Exemplary Listening” awards to anyone in your community who consistently listens well.

Compliment someone’s attentive listening habits.

Serve someone by just listening without an agenda.

Organize a group and play listening games with Bible texts.

Create a positive listening environment in your synagogue/church and home.

Commit to actively embrace listening as an integral part of your leadership style.

Tell at least 16 people about I Love to Listen Day-May 16.

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