I Love to Listen Day 2024

Make your listening proclamation today

Join the celebration of the 19th annual I Love to Listen Day on May 16th, 2024!


Would you like to promote listening in your family, organization, municipality, or country? Then create your Listening Proclamation.

Declare May 16th I Love to Listen Day!

Others have already completed their Listening Proclamation and it’s your turn!
It’s easy, it’s fun and it is free!

Mayor of New Carrollton, Maryland, Phelecia Nembhard declaring Listening Proclamation.

Download the words of the proclamation below and send it to your organization, city, or country government. Then ask for a proclamation.

For individuals, you can design your own proclamation and then sign it.
Share pictures of your Listening Proclamation on your social media and on Twitter @ilovetolisten1.
Speak up for listening on “I Love to Listen Day – May 16th.

Listening Proclamations from around the world

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