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Supporting Frontline Champions Through Compassionate Listening
2020 International Listening Day – May 16
For Immediate Release

This 15th year celebration of I Love to Listen Day, May 16, falls in the midst of a once in a lifetime global pandemic.

The enduring sheltered in place mode has generated the full scope of human reactions driven by the twin demons of fear and stress.

The trauma of the circumstances from the loss of loved ones, where grieving, and rituals have been upended. Further, the loss of livelihood, has given rise to worry, and worthiness thinking.

These scenarios has shaped the theme of this year’s listening campaign, “Frontline Listening to Champions”.

Professionals in the counseling arts and family units are called to be equipped with ultra-focused ears and hearts to help each community’s journey back from the pit of this pandemic and establish a wholesome communal living environment.

Marva Shand-McIntosh, founder of the international day of listening, is launching a virtual listening academy on a smart-phone app that will equip professionals and family members with listening skills resources to inject hope into daily dialogs.

The app is packed with advanced listening resources, including the ever-favorite listening coupon, audio teachings that share listening strategies, and application tips embedded in a social community to facilitate mutual support of each other.

This digital academy will allow the listener to create a people-first culture of listening attitudes and facilitate a compassionate listening focus that clients, parishioners, family members, and neighbors may emerge from these challenging days with a positive, hope-filled spirit.

A Facebook live event on May 16, 2020 on the Facebook I Love to Listen page will provide details on how to procure this app:


For more information about I Love to Listen, contact the company here:

I Love to Listen
Marva McIntosh
202 550 3342


2018 International Listening Day – May 16
For Immediate Release

Contact; Marva Shand-McIntosh
Phone # 202 550 3342
May 10, 2018

13,000 free listening coupons will be shared to mark the 13th year of celebrating I Love to Listen Day on May 16th. I Love to Listen Day is the premiere international listening day that has been observed in several countries since 2005.

This 13th year celebration of I Love to Listen Day –May 16th will be far reaching and multifaceted. We hope that you will choose to participate in the fun filled listening activities and help to raise public awareness about the power of listening.

This year’s Listening Day celebration will focus on listening to our children. While the adults are actively listening to the children and giving listening coupons, the children will be encouraged to create “Thank You for Listening” notes or art to share with someone who listened and made them feel understood, valued, or cared for.

On Wednesday, May 16th join the international celebration of the joy and power of listening. I love to listen Day activities are free. Go to for more suggested listening activities for your listen day celebration.

The listening Coupon is a popular item that is used by spouses, counselors, friends, parents, colleagues, and church members. It comes highly recommended. Let us know how many you will share. Free Listening coupons and thank you card are available at
(Quotes about the listening day)

“I love to listen Day is not a day of silence, said Marva Shand McIntosh, the founder of this international day of listening. She explains that it is a day to create awareness of the importance of listening, to learn about listening and to share listening as a gift to others especially the children. It is the day to be a proactive listening.”

“I Love to Listen Day is one that we in Women’s Ministries believe is so important in our families and communities. Taking time to listen, really listen to what a person says to us, slowing down in our interactions with each other so that we truly hear what is being said, can only benefit our relationships and our communities. We are happy to promote this day in our churches.”  Heather-Dawn Small, World Headquarters Women’s Ministries

“Communication is essential in developing and sustaining human relationships, listening and the continual development of listening skills are the starting points to effective communication. That’s why I Love to Listen Day is so important.” Dr. Weymouth Spence, President of Washington Adventist University.
“5/16 is I Love to Listen Day. Loosen up and listen better.” Alan Ehrlich, past president of the International Listening Association.

Marva Shand-McIntosh, founder of I Love to Listen Day, is a certified speech-language Pathologist who serves in the District of Columbia Public Schools. She is the designer of the North America Division Adventurer listening patch and her popular poem “Today I Will Listen” has been translated into 6 languages. Marva has made it her life’s mission to help others understand and be understood.

May 16, 2015 marks the 10th international observance of I Love to Listen Day. For 10 years, people on five continents have celebrated the power of listening on May 16th.

I love to listen Day is not a day of silence, said Marva Shand McIntosh, founder of intentional listening day. She explains that it is a day to create awareness of the importance of listening, to learn about listening and to share listening as a gift to others and ourselves. It is the day to be a proactive listening. It is a day to deepen and develop this vital intelligence. The theme for 2015 I love to listen Day is “Yes Listening Matters.”

On May 16th, people are invited to join the international celebration of the joy and power of listening.

In an age of multiplying distractions, teaching our children and being good models of listening is becoming a critical skill to impart. For example our ears and eyes are engaged with our smartphones with such increasing frequency that the protocols of social graces are rapidly disappearing. Reestablishing these boundaries of civility will involve certain intentionality. Some of the components of this listening renewal involve: Placing headphones and other peripherals in an appropriate place to indicate to the person they have your full attention. Maintaining appropriate eye contact with the other person to eliminate distractions. Nodding of head to indicate understanding. Listening patiently until speaker is complete in sharing instead of interrupting. Using your eyes to ascertain body language clues that are being communicated to get a comprehensive meaning.

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Asking appropriate questions for clarification.

The best news is that I love to listen Day activities are free! You can actually receive a listening coupon to share with a friend, partner, or child to practice your intention.

Go to to get a listening coupon.

You can also send an email to for suggested activities for your listen day celebration.

You are also invited to share your ideas or experiences that made this day of listening extra special. The hashtag #YesListeningMatters is another medium designed to allow practice and participation to be a shared experience.

The I love to Listen Day gives us an opportunity to deepen respect, enhance understanding, affirm and express value with this most important skill. We can become better spouses, parents and workers by enhancing our listening skills.


Marva Shand McIntosh
202-556 0051



I Love To Listen Day – May 16, 2014

For Immediate Release Contact: Marva Shand-McIntosh


Founder, I Love To Listen Day

Washington, DC – May 10, 2012 — On May 16th scores of people all over the world will discover how important it is to listen and perhaps experience the joy of being heard.


May 16 is I Love to Listen Day. In all 50 US states and 50 countries, individuals and families will lay the groundwork for what is hoped to become an enduring family listening tradition, make a commitment to improve their listening skills, send a “thank you” card to a good listener, compile a list of positive listening habits, visit with an elderly person and just listen.

The importance of being a good listener takes on added significance when placed against the frenetic pace of most people’s daily lives. There is less time to stop and listen and even with a dizzying array of new and glitzy communications devices, people often don’t hear what the other person is saying.

Many years of work as a certified speech language pathologist have convinced

Marva Shand-McIntosh that if people want to succeed, they must be effective listeners.

“Listening is the foundation of all communication skills, and it also sends a powerful message of respect and understanding,” said McIntosh, founder of I Love to Listen Day.

“I Love to Listen Day is a special day that encourages people from all over the world to join a community of listeners and listen on purpose.”

On I Love to Listen Day, people are encouraged to deliberately listen. McIntosh emphasized that, “this day is not a day of silence but provides and opportunity for citizens of the world to become proactive listeners.”


I Love to Listen Day is FREE. To be included in the official count, and learn about more listening activities, people are encouraged to stop by the Website or email and register. The goal this year is to have listening celebrations in 50 states and 50 countries. Help spread the word about I Love to Listen Day in your community.

For additional information, contact Marva Shand-McIntosh at


“ Hearing is a function of the ear but listening is a function of the will.” John Maxwell





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