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I love to listen Day is not a day of silence

Here are some special activities for May 16

Suggested Activities for I Love to Listen Day

Stop what you are doing and listen to someone.


Organize a party and play listening games.


Send a card/letter/email thanking someone who listened to you.


Commit to actively embrace listening as an integral part of your leadership style


Start a family tradition of “listening Time.”


Develop your definition of listening.


Listen to a book on tape with someone else.

Learn something new about listening such as, reading a book or taking a class.


Educators can teach students about the different types of listening and play listening comprehension games.


Counselors can teach and encourage the use of reflective listening.

Visit with an elderly person and just listen


Visit with a child and just listen


Give “Good Listening” awards to anyone in your community who consistently listens well.


Memorize texts, proverbs, or sayings on listening.


Write a poem, song or letter about listening.


Compliment someone’s attentive listening habits.


Commit to improving your listening skills.


Share your plans to improve your listening skills with someone.


Reflect on your listening attitude toward people who belong to different cultures.


Make a list of your positive listening habits


Be a listening role model


Serve someone by just listening without an agenda.


Create a positive listening environment in your workplace, home and social settings.


Tell at least 16 people about I Love to Listen Day – May 16.

Hearing is a function of the ear but listening is a function of the will ~ John Maxwell. (

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